Energy Star

April 28, 2008

All I need to know about the American Left and the “Green Movement”, I learned back in the Nineties. In those days, I worked on office equipment – copiers, faxes, typewriters, and that strange bird known as the 486, which deserves a post all it’s own.

Anyway, Energy Star was brand-new, and my company’s wily salesmen used it as a huge selling point. Many times, the entire decision to buy hinged on the fact that this machine was “energy efficient.”  The client would ooo and aaah over the copier shutting down after a minute’s inactivity. And inevitably, within two weeks, a technician would be called to disable the Energy Star features.

Here’s the thing. Those who howled loudest about the horrible inconvenience of waiting ten seconds to send a fax or half a minute to make a copy were the same ones who, by their votes and activism, were responsible for these ‘features’ being added. Public defender firms. Artsy design firms. Edgy left-wing newspapers. Yes, bankers and accountants and dark-paneled law firms made noise, too, but not near so loud and angry as the ones who wanted everyone else to use them and be happy about it.

That’s why I’m a little cynical about The Greenies.


Sewer Zombie

April 27, 2008

“Something” in the sewers in Sussex:

…staff at a sewage works have called in a ghostbuster because they are being stalked by a zombie-like figure who roams the underground tunnels.

Perfect place for Necro activity.  I never put much stock in the “English zombies are faster” argument, and this one might put that old myth to rest, so to speak.

“There will never be a shortage of bullshit.”

April 25, 2008

Quoth The Thinkingest Man in the World.

Food Alarmism Underscores American Reality: “There will never be a shortage of bullshit.” @ AMERICAN DIGEST

Gerard derails the myth of food shortage with his usual style. Me, I’m all for hoarding. Your hoarding makes it easier for me to find something to eat in the ruins of your house, after your sweet flesh has been devoured by rampaging hordes of The Undead.

I hope there are hordes of hoarders out there. After you have whored your talent in the corporate horde, hoard a hoard against the horde.

For the Horde!

The Cynic’s Sanctuary

April 1, 2008

Cynicism, after all, springs not from cruelty or viciousness, but from precisely the opposite: a fatal love of virtue. If we were mere realists, we’d have no need for cynicism; the world would never disappoint us because we’d expect so little of it. But the best cynics are still idealists under their scarred hides. We wanted the world to be a better place, and we can’t shrug off the disappointment when it lets us down. Our cynicism gives us the painful power to behold life shorn of its sustaining illusions.

Behold, friends, the wonder that is The Cynic’s Sanctuary