What also floats in water?

May 31, 2008

A comparison of the buoyancy of several common objects


5.56 is too small

May 30, 2008

Apparently, complaints from the field have convinced the brass asses to review standard ammunition.

There’s a long and involved argument, with plenty of science and dull facts, about what we want munitions to do.  In my opinion, the threat of masses of Red Army infantry rolling across the plains of Hesse is pretty much over – we want something that will put a softball-sized hole center-mass of a hostile, and knock a pot roast out of the exit hole.  Gentlemen, say hello to my little friend .45ACP… and his big brother, caliber 30, design of ’06.

But keep the 5.56 in storage.  You never know when a billion Chinamen might need that kind of attention.

Pete Stark is a Stupid Man

May 29, 2008

It’s not a “Dirt Evacuation Implement”, or an “Entrenching Tool”. A spade is a spade, and I like it when someone has the courage to pin a name on it. Walter Todd Houston has the courage to call a tool a tool.

Once again Representative Fortney Hillman “Pete” Stark (D – CA) is a stupid little man whose knee-jerk reactions are based on no knowledge whatsoever. There really is no other way around it – Petey boy is just plain stupid.

Pete Stark is a Stupid Man

Warms my cynical little heart.


May 28, 2008

We say to [Government], ” I am dissatisfied at the proportion between my labor and my enjoyments. I should like, for the sake of restoring the desired equilibrium, to take a part of the possessions of others. But this would be dangerous. Could not you facilitate the thing for me? Could you not find me a good place? or check the industry of my competitors? or, perhaps, lend me gratuitously some capital which, you may take from its possessor? Could you not bring up my children at the public expense? or grant me some prizes? or secure me a competence when I have attained my fiftieth year? By this mean I shall gain my end with an easy conscience, for the law will have acted for me, and I shall have all the advantages of plunder, without its risk or its disgrace!”

Government, by Frederic Bastiat

Hawkins defies McCain, RWN gets death penalty

May 26, 2008

As of this writing both RWN and CG are down. Was it caused by Hawkins’ rejection of McCain? Or did one of his guest posters hit the wrong button? We may never know.

UPDATE: He’s back up now, but with no explanation posted.

Just having a little fun, y’all. There’s no way McCain could take down a website. As far as you know.

Help Destroy The Republican Party

May 24, 2008

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has finally decided that McCain is a disaster.

And he is. John McCain is a hero of the Vietnam War. He is the scion of a distinguished Navy family, and for those things I respect him greatly.

He is also a 24-carat gold plated son-of-a-bitch, a worthless, weaselly, gun-grabbing media whore, a kiss-the-Mexican-ass political opportunist, and a traitor to everything he swore to uphold as a Naval officer. He deserves to be tried and hanged, not elected President. Better than the Democrats? Don’t make me laugh… at least BHO and HRC don’t backstab their friends, or piss in the face of their supporters.

I will never, ever vote for John McCain for anything that doesn’t involve a rope.

Further, here’s a word of wisdom for those who say my stance will destroy the Republican party: Good! The GOP deserves to be destroyed, and those who are now it’s leaders (who have no idea what a Republic is, or what the term means) should be denied a voice in whatever takes it’s place. If it’s five smaller parties, so be it. At least we’ll have a choice.

This is your chance. The Republican Party MUST be destroyed, if there is a chance of survival for freedom. I don’t care who you vote for, as long at it isn’t a hairy-legged, mealy-mouthed, lying backstabbing traitor like John McCain.

The Austin Powers Pee-Pee Joke

May 22, 2008

song chart memes
more song chart memes

That’s waaay funnier than anything in Any Austin Powers movie.