May Day Parade of Evil, Part Two

Couple years back, I threw together this graphic…


…after reading this great post from Vanderleun. I sent him a copy and he was kind enough to include it in the post. Needless to say, I am still quite honored Mr Vanderleun would find my effort worthy to stand beside his.

Next day, I stuck it up on Deviant Art, one of the many sites out there that lets you post art for free. (They also have some GREAT Photoshop tutorials.) As you might imagine, my little five-minute graphic caused quite a stir in the art community, and the comments simply confirmed the central premise of Gerard’s original post.

*As always, click for larger view.


4 Responses to May Day Parade of Evil, Part Two

  1. Thanks for remembering that for me. I put it up again.

  2. Cynyr says:

    Thank YOU, sir, for being such a kind fellow. I am doubly honored.

  3. mutantpacifist says:

    Can I buy the poster? I think that would look great on the door of a college dorm…

  4. Cynyr says:

    I agree, it would look great… but you might be accused of a hate crime.
    If you can get it printed up, you can have it with my blessing. But if you make money on it, me and GV get a cut!

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