Funny in a different way

Observe yon cartoon.  Notice anything funny about it?

Besides the fact that it’s not funny…  yes, McCain flew a jet and Obama isn’t qualified to fly an ultralight, or ultralights use less fuel, or the wishful thinking that McCain has a chance to win based on anything.  The cartoon, on it’s face, is NOT funny.

But this IS funny.  Look under the cockpit on the jet, where the victory stickers would normally go.  Rather than little stars signifying victory over North Vietnamese aircraft, McCain’s plane has little American flags, symbolizing victory over AMERICAN aircraft.  Heh…  now, that’s funny, intentional or not.

One flag represents Campaign Finance Reform, one for Immigration Reform, one is for the Gang of Fourteen – on and on and on.  John McCain may be qualified to be President, but the sonuvabitch doesn’t deserve to be President.

Original cartoon – – The Funnies


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