If Obama is as smart as they say…

Scipio‘s post “Our Fearful Master” led to some interesting comments the other day – among them a comment from “Checkers” which reads in part:

… I am around my fair share of deputies. None, in 18 years of my exposure to law enforcement personnel, would follow an order from the feds to begin confiscating guns…

I don’t think that’s a concern, Checkers.  The evil men who control Obama aren’t stupid enough to try a trick like that.  There are three hard, cold facts that all politicians know-

  • Wholesale gun confiscation will spark an immediate civil war.
  • Local police will not support such an action
  • Neither will the military.

Those who now control the government know that the quickest way to put an end to all their dreams is a detour down Gun Control Highway.  Yes, there will be further restrictions, don’t get me wrong, but a gun grab is off the table.  Opposition to Obama has coalesced quicker than anybody thought it would – it was a year before we got to this point with Clinton.  That sorry bastard admitted that it was the Assault Weapons ban that cost them the majority in ’94 and shut down the Utopian dream.

I expect Obama will take a much more certain path to socialism and slavery.

Can you think of any other thing that will cause the nation to rise up against those who would be masters?  Any one thing, or two things, that every patriot agrees on, and will unite them to oppose tyranny?


I would say that there is no single issue that can cause a widespread resistance.  Therefore, so long as they permit us to keep the security blanket of one gun, they will have their way.  Bring on the abortion mills.  Limit each citizen to one gun a month, a year, a lifetime.  Run up a gluttony of debt and let the welfare queens breed on the carcass of the hapless taxpayer.  Keep the borders open, let crime and criminals run rampant, shout down the preachers, hold kangaroo courts for anyone with the courage to call a turd a turd.

So long as the majority have TV, Pepsi, and a single muzzleloader, they can drag us all to the prison of utter governmental control without a struggle or a groan.


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