State Sovereignty Resolutions

The State Sovereignty movement is great, as far as it goes. All across the country, state legislatures are finally doing what is right and putting the Federal Leviathan on notice. States are beginning to waken from the slumber that has gripped them since the 1860s. Patriots applaud the sudden advent of spine in representatives that have traditionally been but an extension of Washington bureaucracy.

Why then, isn’t Obama scaling back his plans for applying the screws to whoever will hold still?

The answer is ‘Nullification’.

Tenth Amendment Resolutions and Firearms Freedom Acts are wonderful things, and I applaud them. I want every State to have one. But they are only the first step. You can tell your neighbor not to let his dogs shit in your yard, but what will you do when he sends his dogs over to lay logs on your grass? You can either roll over and take it — or you can whip the damn dogs and promise to kill them next time.

Shaking a stick means nothing if you aren’t willing and able to use it. If your State legislature can pass a Tenth Amendment resolution, they’d better be willing to pass a Nullification when the time comes. And it’s coming.


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