Reaching the wrong audience

I have enjoyed The Art of Manliness blog for a while, and particularly like the illustrations. I sort of figgered the other guys who read it were manly types… boy was I ever wrong.

So, today, Brett puts up a pretty good article detaining some of the best firearms for home defense.   Get a load of some of the comments from readers:

Do you want to have blood on your hands if an idiot reads your blog buys a gun and then hurts somebody?.   Everyday, 8 children and teens in the U.S. die of gun violence. Please be a bit more thoughtful next time… (Jimmy)

Must agree that this post left me feeling really uncomfortable.  .. in many countries, such as mine, obtaining firearms like these is nearly impossible – Thank Goodness! (Drew)

I’m not sure I like this blog so much any more, please write less about the best way to kill or threaten people. (Tom)

The best weapon for home defense is a phone. If bad people try to get in: call the cops.  (Pieter)

And these were just the first few responses.  Luckily, the tone improved immensely as I got further down in the comments.  Seems most of the girly comments were from Europe, too.  It’s a damn shame what’s going to happen to these people when the dead rise to walk the earth… or the next time the Germans come over the border!


2 Responses to Reaching the wrong audience

  1. Todd says:

    Let’s see, what will the European girly-men do if another dictator decides to attack and subjigate their butts? Hmmm. Same thing they always do; call on us to pull their bacon out of the fire.

    If one does not have the testicular fortitude to take measures to defend family, self and property, one has no business calling himself a man!

  2. Cynyr says:

    Agreed, Todd. And we’ll bail them out, again, regardless of the cost in blood and gold, because we are Men. No matter how hard they try to tear us down, Men we will remain until we are claimed by God.

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